Once Upon a Time…

Welcome to the Adventures of Flapjax weekly children’s story blog!

5-minute bedtime stories ~ new each Tuesday

Our goal is to teach children to be kind to others and to show their kindness, to be brave even when they are scared, and to enjoy each and every adventure they go on. Follow Flapjax (a troublesome teddy bear) and Libby (his human best friend) as they learn about and experience the big world around them.

Each and every Tuesday, a new story will be posted for you to enjoy, whether reading it yourself or together with your own family. Each story takes about 5 minutes to read. Some stories will be continued across many weeks; sometimes, we will have one quick tale for you. It all depends on what kind of shenanigans Flapjax has gotten into…

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Once upon a time, not too long ago…

…there was a little girl named Libby. Libby had fluffy brown hair, curious green eyes and fingernails shaped like buttons.

Libby had no brothers or sisters, and while she loved her parents deeply, more than just about anything, she wanted someone who could be her best friend. Someone to go on adventures with, to explore and tell secrets to. She wanted it even more than she wanted her favorite food, pancakes! (And Libby would have been perfectly happy with pancakes every. single. day.)

Finally, after years and years of begging her parents for a brother or sister to play with (preferably a twin – a twin would be so cool!), Libby awoke to a surprise one Valentine’s Day…

There it was, a ball of fluff staring down at her with mischievous, twinkling eyes.

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