Once Upon a Time (Continued)

“Wh-who are you?” Libby asked sleepily, rubbing her fists over her eyes to make sure she wasn’t seeing things, or maybe just dreaming them.

The creature with the twinkling eyes just stared back at Libby for a second before beginning to jump up and down on top of her in an attempt to force her up. She shrieked and giggled as a fluffy tail hit her in the face.

“Okay, okay! I’m up!” she said, grabbing her assailant around its tufted tummy to get it to stop jumping. She couldn’t stay annoyed though – the beast was far too cuddly to be annoyed…

The rascally little fur ball bent over, flapping its tail at her, and for a minute Libby was quite offended. She covered her eyes with her hands, blushing with embarrassment. But then she noticed a pair of fuzzy paws pointing excitedly towards a tag sewn into the creature’s leg, like a tattoo. Poor thing, that must have hurt!

She read the tag’s printed letters aloud.

“F-L-A-P-J-A-X,” she said, looking at what she now realized was a very fluffy, extremely cuddly teddy bear. It pointed at itself and smiled.

“Your name is Flapjax?” she asked, and in response, the bear began jumping up and down again with glee, springing into the air with the help of the mattress. The bed began to creak.

“Libby! Breakfast is ready. You better be up!” Her mother’s voice echoed up the stairway.

Libby’s eyes grew big with fear and she whispered urgently to her new pal.

“Okay, okay!” She said, trying (unsuccessfully) to hold him still. “Flapjax! You are about to get me into serious trouble, so if we are going to be friends, you are going to have to STOP JUMPING!”

The bear grinned and with a puff of feathers, belly-flopped into a pile of pillows. He sniffed the air and rubbed his tummy. A delicious, sweet scent had wafted into the room. Libby’s stomach growled, and she smiled knowingly.

“Smells like pancakes for breakfast!” she squealed, pulling Flapjax out the bedroom door and down the stairs to the kitchen with her.

From that day forward, Flapjax and Libby were inseparable. They loved going on adventures, uncovering hidden paths in Libby’s backyard and make-believing trips that took them across the world – and even to new worlds! They went back in time and into the future. They discovered new places and made new friends everywhere they went…but Libby and Flapjax were the best of friends and promised to remain that way forever.

Now, Flapjax was usually a very good little bear. In fact, if you were to ask him, he would tell you that he NEVER ever got into trouble. (Of course, that was because Libby somehow always got blamed for Flapjax’s mischief…)

However, every once in a while, just occasionally, Flapjax got himself—and often Libby—into a jam. Now that’s where our stories begin – after all, who doesn’t love to hear about a cute little bear getting into sticky situations?

While the stories you are about to hear may sound like far-fetched tales, I assure you, they are all true.

Each and every Tuesday, a new story will be posted for you to enjoy, whether reading it yourself or together with your own family (human or beast!). Sometimes, stories will be continued across many weeks; sometimes, we will have one long tale for you. It all depends on what kind of shenanigans Flapjax has gotten into!

Ready? Adventures begin here.

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