Chapter 3, Post 2: Flapjax’s Temptation

Post timing: 4 minutes

(Did you read Flapjax at Church? If not, we recommend starting there.)

Flapjax moved slowly through the rows and rows of people, avoiding all of the feet as he tried to escape. But on his way, he came across a great temptation. Shoelaces. Untied. Just waiting for someone to find…and “fix”…

Flapjax quickly tied the two sets of shoelaces together to opposite shoes before moving on. Every few rows, he would come across more laces, either untied or almost untied, and he repeated this process.

He was almost through the rows of benches when he sensed trouble. He heard the shuffling first, as all of the humans in their puffy winter jackets began to move. Suddenly, as Flapjax was poised in the middle of a row, he noticed a long bench falling quickly in his direction.

He tried to scramble away, but he wasn’t fast enough. (He blamed the cookies from last night.)

The bench fell on top of him, pinning him down to the ground. He let out a loud yelp as he was crushed under the weight of the bench and the humans kneeling angelically on top of it.

Libby heard the yelp and recognized it immediately. She knew Flapjax was in trouble – or (more likely) causing it. She looked around her own bench, but she knew he would not be there. Libby was worried, but also quite mad at Flapjax. She knew what kind of trouble he was capable of, and it was certain to result in no bakery for them that day.

But all she could do was wait…and pray…


Flapjax stuck under the bench

While Libby and the rest of his human family were quietly praying in their pew a few rows in front of him, Flapjax was busy trying to get free from under that silly little bench. Grunting, he wiggled his rear back and forth, slowly inching out, until suddenly, with a pop, he flew out from under the bench with the force of a cannon. He only stopped when he hit the back wall of the church.

Flapjax was very lucky that he had a lot of fur, otherwise it could have hurt pretty badly to hit a wall at that speed. He laid there on the ground for a few seconds as he caught his breath and waited for his heartbeat to stop thumping in his ears. But while he was definitely shaken up, he recovered quickly.

As he got back up on his paws, Flapjax glanced around to see if anyone had noticed his trip across the church, but thankfully no one was looking at him.

Safe. He let out a sigh of relief.

Then he caught Libby’s eyes. She saw him looking at her, and her eyes narrowed in anger. He felt sheepish. Of course she would be mad.

But then again, how could Libby expect him to sit still for an hour?

She should know better, he thought, as he turned away in a huff and made his way to the back door.

*** Come back next week for more of this adventure! ***

Shoes tied together

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