Ch. 8, Post 2: Flapjax and the Queen

Flapjax was having the GREATEST DAY EVER.

Not only was he at his favorite place (the beach), but he had made friends with the queen of the beach. He glanced over at his new human friend as she regally reigned from her position on the lifeguard stand, and he smiled. This was much better than being stuck in a pile of sand!

The lifeguard blew her whistle with authority and motioned for swimmers to come closer. They kept trying to go out past the jetty, which was not allowed, not in her kingdom. Flapjax stood beside her on the lifeguard stand and helped her direct them. He was pretty good at assistant ruler, and he couldn’t wait for Libby to see him in his new job.

All of a sudden, the lifeguard queen jumped down from her throne and started sprinting across the sand, calling for her fellow lifeguards to join her. Someone was in trouble in the water.


Flapjax started to panic. It couldn’t be Libby. Libby was an excellent swimmer, and she always listened to directions. She would never try to swim out that far. But just the same, he was worried. He always worried when he couldn’t be there to protect her.

Flapjax jumped down from the stand and followed the stream of lifeguards towards the water, searching all around for Libby. But he couldn’t find her.

The lifeguards rushed to help the stranded swimmer. Flapjax knew what he had to do, and just as he was about to dive into the waves, he heard a voice call his name.


Libby! She was okay!

“Flapjax, what are you doing out here? Get out of the water before you get pulled out into the ocean!” she screeched, grabbing Flapjax’s paw tightly and pulling him back toward the dry sand. But she didn’t have to worry…Flapjax had no intention of diving in now that he knew Libby was okay. She was his to protect, but his new friend, the lifeguard queen, could protect everyone else.

Sure enough, there she was, walking out of the water with the swimmer who had ignored her warnings and had floated too far out, way past the jetty. The swimmer looked waterlogged and tired, but he was okay.

The lifeguard queen saw Flapjax with Libby and smiled as she passed by. Flapjax waved his paw in an excited cheer. The lifeguard was amazing. He hoped he could be amazing like that one day.


Come back next week for the final beach adventure of the season!


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