Ch. 9, Post 2: The Great Bakery Sleepover

Flapjax was generally a good bear, until it came to sweets…boy, did he have a sweet tooth!

So while Libby was enjoying her hot chocolate and pancakes, Flapjax was focused on getting his paws on all of the yummy treats surrounding him. When the rest of his human family left the bakery, Flapjax quietly hid in the corner of their booth until the old woman in the apron with the silver hair finally turned off the lights for the night and left the shop empty. Empty…except for Flapjax, that is.

With the bakery completely dark, Flapjax tippy-toed across the floor and used his nose to lead him to all the tasty treats. A few sniffs and he found his way to a chocolate cake filled with raspberry jam and covered in goey chocolate frosting. After a few pawfuls, Flapjax moved on to a moon-shaped shiny bread, which he discovered was crispy outside but fluffy and soft inside. Heavenly.


Flapjax licked his paws clean and moved on with his search. Soon, he stumbled upon a thick metal contraption with hoses and wheels poking out every which way. On top of this strange machine were containers filled with a dark brown bead. Flapjax was very curious. It smelled yummy and looked like crunchy chocolate. He grabbed a handful with one paw and stuffed it into his mouth. He crunched down, expecting something sugary sweet.


Flapjax spit it out. He looked at the bins holding the crunchy substance and noticed the letters on the metal machine: “C-O-F-F-E-E”. He wondered what that spelled. Whatever it was, it was definitely not candy!

Flapjax hopped off the counter and was on the hunt for more goodies. As luck would have it, he found the cookie bin next. Cookies of all different sizes and fillings with sprinkles of every color stared up at Flapjax as he pressed his nose against the glass windows of the cookie counter. One by one, he tested them all. Sweet and sugary, jam-filled, buttery and flakey, some with nuts and others with chocolate.

Milk. After all those cookies, Flapjax desperately needed a glass of cold milk.

He went searching all around the bakery and finally found the milk behind a pair of heavy silver doors. It was a large jug of milk, and Flapjax was a very small bear. He tried hard not to spill, but as his paws reached up to grab the jug, it toppled over, spilling out across the kitchen floor. Thankfully, there was still just enough milk left at the bottom of the jug for a nice big gulp.

Thirst quenched and stuffed to the seams with pastries, Flapjax felt very sleepy. He looked around for a cozy corner and discovered a pile of sweet-smelling aprons. After sliding into an apron pocket at the top of the pile and snuggling deep down, Flapjax drifted off to sleep. He dreamed of Libby. He wondered what she was doing. Did she miss him? Did she realize he was gone? He always slept curled up beside her, warm and loved.

Flapjax missed his best friend…

Come back next week to find out if Flapjax gets rescued!


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