Ch. 10, Post 1: Moving Day

It was the worst day ever…worse even than that time Flapjax got bearnapped by a pirate, or that time he got left behind at a bakery (okay, so the second one hadn’t been that bad…).

Flapjax sat at his post on Libby’s bed, staring with horror as empty boxes began to fill up, and slowly but surely the cozy room around him started to disappear.


Flapjax didn’t want to move. He loved his home! It was his first real home, and he had been so happy there ever since he had been brought home from the store on his Adoption Day.

Libby didn’t want to move either. She carefully packed up her precious belongings, putting each toy delicately into a box, sniffling back tears with each one. She loved her bedroom and her house with its big backyard and Downtheback. Oh no! They’d never get to explore Downtheback again!

A big, blue truck grunted and whined as it pulled up to the front of the house. Flapjax and Libby raced to the window to peer out at the truck that would carry everything to their new home.

Dad jumped out of the driver’s seat and raced up the steps to the house. “Kids! Time to go! Are you ready?” he called up the stairs to them.

No! They were not ready…they would never be ready! If they were never ready, they wouldn’t be able to move…

Flapjax and Libby grinned at each other as they hatched their brilliant plan.



“Libby, Flapjax! We’re not kidding, we’re leaving now!” Mom scolded as she walked into their room.

All of the boxes had been packed up and stacked in the big truck, and now Libby stood alone in her empty bedroom. Even her bed had been packed! But there was one thing that they had missed, and there was no way they’d leave without him.

She spun around the room in a pretend panic. “No! We can’t go! Flapjax is missing!” she screeched, frantic on the outside, but knowing very well exactly where she had tucked him safely away.

They could never leave without Flapjax.

“Don’t worry, hun, I’m sure he’s just packed away in one of the boxes. We’ll find him when we unpack!” Mom said confidently, ushering a confused Libby out of the room and down the stairs.

When she it finally hit her, Libby stopped in her tracks and tried to go back upstairs. “No! He’s not in a box! He’s still here!”

But Mom wasn’t listening. She just picked Libby up and carried her out into the car so they could follow the big truck to their new house, and all Libby could do was watch as they pulled away from home, and away from Flapjax…


Come back next week to find out what trouble Flapjax gets into on his own!

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