Ch. 10, Post 2: The Attic Escape

Flapjax gulped. He stared out of the little attic window at his family as they drove away to their new home.

He was in SERIOUS trouble.

Sure, he had been on his own before…but always around humans of some sort! And always with access to snacks! Now he had neither. He was stuck in the attic of a big, empty house, and even if he could escape the attic, he had watched Mom pack up the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets earlier, so he knew there would be no food!

He paced a long wooden beam that ran across the attic. He paced slowly at first, getting faster and faster as his panic began to grow. And then…


Suddenly Flapjax was falling, but instead of hitting the hard wood of the attic floor, he fell with a springy crunch on something scratchy…and then he kept going. Before he knew it, he was falling through the attic and crashing onto the hard floor of what had once been Libby’s bedroom.


Flapjax lay on his back while he caught his breath, staring up at the big, bear-shaped hole that stared back at him from the ceiling.

At least Mom and Dad weren’t around to see the mess he had made!

Flapjax rose and shook himself off, sneezing and scattering ceiling debris across the empty room. Well…he had figured out a way out of the attic, even if it had not exactly been on purpose!

Flapjax plodded his way through the quiet house, thinking and thinking, trying to come up with a plan. His family would come back for him…right? Libby knew he was still here…she would never forget him…right??

He would just have to survive until they returned. Being on your own couldn’t be that hard, could it? After all, humans and grown up bears did it all the time.

Flapjax’s tummy rumbled, and he sighed. If only he had thought to stash away some snacks…


Come back next week to find out if Flapjax makes it to his new home!

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