Flapjax bringing supplies to Libby

Chapter 1, Post 3: Flapjax’s Valentine

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(Did you read the first two posts in this story? If not, we recommend starting with Adoption Day.)

The sun was just peeking out above the trees as Flapjax started his climb.

He sniffed. Something smelled scrumptious – something cinnamon-sugary. Mom must be baking! But he couldn’t stop now, not even for treats. He had to get to Libby.

Flapjax couldn’t carry everything – plus himself – up the stairs…not with just two paws. So he heaved the juice up over his head until it hit the step, and then he pushed. And he said a silent prayer of thanks that the lid had been on as he heard the sloshing liquid inside.

Flapjax moving supplies up the stairs

Then he tossed up the tissue box, the purple medicine bottle, and finally, with a bit more of an effort, he pulled himself up. He was already so exhausted!

One step down…many, many more to go! But at least now he knew how to do it.

Step by step, Flapjax threw his remedies up to the next one and then jumped, grasping the shaggy carpet and pulling himself up.

After what seemed like ages, Flapjax found himself on the landing in between the floors, panting from the effort. He was halfway there! He looked back down to the bottom of the steps and grinned a huge grin. He was tired, but he was also excited. Libby was going to be so proud of him!

Flapjax began his climb again, this time in a hurry.

Orange juice, up! Tissue box, up! Medicine bottle, up! Flapjax, up!

He was on a roll…Spilling orange juice

But then it happened. Disaster.

Flapjax was mid-push when he felt the orange juice container tip. Suddenly, the juice fell with a heavy thud and the lid exploded open in a sticky, orange gush.

With a shriek, Flapjax launched himself up to the step and pulled the container back to a standing position, but not before most of the juice had spilled out down the steps like a big orange waterfall.

Flapjax shook the container, hoping there was enough left for Libby.

He ignored the mess behind him and the punishment that was sure to come and instead focus on climbing the last two steps to get to his best friend.


Libby was curled up in a ball under a pile of blankets. She sneezed and wondered where Flapjax could be as she wiped her nose on her sleeve. She would search for him later, she thought as she coughed for the billionth time that morning and turned over with a grunt.

And then she gasped. Flapjax’s face popped up on the side of her bed. A big, triumphant grin covered his face.

Libby grabbed him in both arms and held him up in front of her.Flapjax bringing supplies to Libby

“Where have you been, Flapjax?” she asked nasally, frowning at him.

Flapjax squirmed until she set him down, and then he leaned over the edge of the bed to grab his supplies.

At that very moment, Mom walked in the room with her scolding face on, hands on her hips. She had most definitely seen the mess Flapjax had left on his way to the rescue.

He prepared for punishment.

But she took one look at Libby and felt her forehead, and her anger disappeared.

“I don’t feel good,” Libby whimpered.

Flapjax had his paw around the top of the orange juice container and began to tug. His tail twitched with the effort.

“What’s this?” Mom asked as she bent down to pick up the supplies Flapjax had spent ALL MORNING getting up the stairs.

Flapjax frowned. Mom was going to get all the credit! But she just looked down at Flapjax and smiled.

“Libby, I think someone is looking out for you,” she said, patting Flapjax on the head.

Libby smiled through her sniffles. “He always does,” she said, picking him up and giving him a big bear hug, burying her face in his fur. But Flapjax didn’t mind – in fact, he kind of liked that there was a tissue box right next to her, but Libby chose him instead.

“Mama, I know it’s just breakfast time, but can we have ice cream?” Libby asked, cuddling Flapjax close.

“Well, since it’s Flapjax’s big day, I think that would be okay. As long as you take all the medicine first,” Mom said with a wink as she handed Libby a tiny, Flapjax-sized cup of the purple liquid. Libby finished it in a gulp then stuck out her tongue.

“Yuuuuck,” she coughed.

“Okay, ice cream on the way!”

Flapjax looked hopefully at Libby.

“With rainbow sprinkles? Please!” She called out, smiling at him. “Happy Adoption Day, Flapjax,” she said, hugging him tight.

Ice cream cone

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Chapter 1, Post 1: Adoption Day

Post timing: 3 minutes

(New follower of Flapjax? It might help to get to know him a bit before going on an adventure with him. Here’s a quick intro.)

Flapjax and his Adoption Day pancakes

Do you know what February 14th is? I mean…besides a day when grownups get all mushy, pink and red hearts cover everything from socks to coffee mugs, and a friendly bear is sure to get his fair share of heart-shaped candies if he is well-behaved and super nice to his humans…

Well, February 14th also happens to be the greatest day of all (at least, according to Flapjax). February 14th…is Flapjax’s Adoption Day!

Adoption Days are a pretty big deal for stuffed bears. You see, every other day of the year, we humans tend to be the main focus. (We’re a bit selfish that way.) And while Flapjax loved his human family – especially his best friend in the entire world, Libby – he was always ready to be the center of attention.

And this year was going to be the greatest year of all if Flapjax had anything to do with it.

Ever since Christmas, when the excitement of new toys and holiday-themed treats had calmed down, Flapjax had been preparing Libby for the next big event.

Now, Flapjax was not shy, at least not when it came to making sure Libby knew exactly what he wanted for his big day. Weeks before, Flapjax devised his plan.

First, Dad would cook them pancakes for breakfast, in honor of Flapjax of course. He was the best at it, and if it was a special day, he’d even make them bear-shaped! And the pancakes would be smothered in blueberries. And whipped cream! And sprinkles…the rainbow kind. He would open hundreds of presents from his family, and then he and Libby would spend all morning playing with them. For lunch, they’d have ice cream sundaes, also with rainbow sprinkles of course.

Then they’d build a giant fort out of furniture and blankets and all of the pillows they could find, and once they were done with construction, they’d spend all afternoon playing Star Wars in their newly build fabric version of the Millennium Falcon. And watching Star Wars! And The Jungle Book! And maybe Zootopia, if they had time.

And dinner would be homemade cookies stuffed with rainbow sprinkles. And to finish off the day, Mom would read to them from his very favorite book in the entire world – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. He would fall asleep dreaming of adventures in Narnia with Libby, Mr. Tumnus, and the Pevensie gang…

He couldn’t wait until February 14th !

*** Continue the adventure! ***


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